Shareholder Services

The Home Depot is dedicated to serving its shareowners. On this page, you can find links to commonly requested documents, access your Direct Stock Purchase Plan account, and contact Investor Relations. For assistance with most services related to stock ownership, please contact the program administrator.

There are several ways to become a shareholder of The Home Depot, Inc.

Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)

The Home Depot Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP) enables you to invest a minimum amount in Home Depot stock and build your stock ownership over time. It's designed for individual investors who might otherwise avoid making small, long-term stock purchases because of large minimum brokerage fees. You always have control of your shares. You may withdraw your DSPP holdings of Home Depot stock at any time, or may ask the program administrator to sell your shares.

Features include:

  • Low fees; low minimums
  • Dividend reinvestment
  • Automatic investments from checking or savings account
  • Free safekeeping and transfer services
  • Easy enrollment form

How to invest in the DSPP

Invest via a paper-based process or invest on-line.

Other Options

You can invest in the common stock of The Home Depot, Inc. through many financial institutions such as full-service brokers, discount brokers and online brokers. Minimums, fees and other terms vary. Consult your local listings or financial advisor for more information.